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Dance Schools love using Motionwear products as their uniforms. With a huge range of products, colours and fabrics to choose from, you can design the outfits that best suit your students, and purchase from us at wholesale prices. Choose your leotard, shorts, skirts, wraps and/or pants, and custom design the colour and fabric that will best suit your students age and preference.

See below for our most popular items, or view our catalogue here. 



Available in all Silkskyn and Cotton colours as well as selected Classwear and Driline fabrics. Available in all sizes. 

Short-sleeved Leotard

Camisole Dance Leotard

Wide Strap Princess Seam Camisole Leotard

Classic Tank Leotard

More leotard designs available on request

Wraps, Skirts, Shorts & Pants

Dance Wrap Sweater

Available in all sizes

Available in all Silkskyn, Cotton and Velour colours

Pull on Wrap Skirt

Available in most sizes

Available in colours Black, Pink, Butter, Periwinkle, Violette, White, Light Blue, Bright Red, Candy Pink

V-Waist Dance Shorts

Available in all sizes

Available in all Silkskyn, Cotton, Classwear and Driline colours.

Also available as low rise or boy cut

V-Waist Jazz Pants

Available in all sizes

Available in all Silkskyn, Cotton, Classwear and Driline colours.

Also available as low rise, high waist and flat waist capris




A Motionwear exclusive, Silkskyn was developed to meet the demands of the dancer, performer and athlete. The softness of its microfiber construction, combined with moisture wicking, maintains a balanced comfort level during high intensity activity. The weave and yarn technology in Silkskyn make it very soft and supple. Silkskyn is extremely durable, has excellent stretch and recovery properties, is machine washable and dries three times faster than cotton.


Motionwear Cotton is a soft, heavy jersey knit with plenty of spandex for stretch and support. Motionwear Cotton holds color well, holds shape wash after wash and provides comfortable fit.


Motionwear Dri-Line is a modern microfiber polyester fabric with superior softness and moisture wicking.

Classwear Cotton

Motionwear Classwear is a fabric with good durability, stretch and colourfastness. It is an excellent choice for a budget-minded dancer. 


Plush poly spandex velours give a luxurious texture and wear well. Glitter adds a sparkle and shine for the classroom or stage.